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Welcome To Our Sampson History Page

The name "Sampson" is well known in the City of Petaluma, County of Sonoma, California.   The Sampson family has made news for years, filling newspapers and the courtrooms.

Historical Stories

Under construction is the Historical Stories page.   This is where you can read stories written by members of the Sampson family in reference to published news events.

Unfortunately, the website was closed.   We hope to find another location for it in order to get it up and running again. 

Meanwhile, you may view items in the menu on the left side of the page.   The titles are as follows:

 Arrest Attempt On Local Judge

Arrest Attempt On Deputy District Attorney

Getting even with the police

Draft of Proposed California Constitutional Amendment

My Scrapbooks

False Crime Report Made By Deputy Brought No Court Action From Sheriff Or DA

Draft Of Proposed Andy's Law


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Hundreds of news articles have been written about members of the Sampson family.   But only a few of the news articles are on display here. (Nearing Maximum Size Allowed For This Website.)  So only a few articles may be viewed here. They may be found by clicking the link, "My Scrapbooks"  in the menu located on the left side of this page.


The article to the right side of this page was published by the Argus-Courier Newspaper in Petaluma, California on November 12, 1975.

See the Draft of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment, Article XXXVI, Public Safety and Law Enforcement Act of 2010 at

Here you will find our Draft of the California Constitutional Amendment Article XXXVI, entitled Public Safety and Law Enforcement Act of 2009. The Act is designed to require local county and city public officials who wish to exercise the power of the state to make an arrest be licensed by the state. Private citizens and public officials acting in the capacity of a private citizen are exempt from the license requirement. Public officials will be regulated by the California Law Enforcement State License Board. The Draft is almost complete. It will be submitted to the California Attorney General's office with the required $200. fee. The Attorney General will have a certain period of time to prepare a title and summary which will then be forwarded to the California Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will calculate the number of signitures that will be required to place the proposed act on the ballot, including deadline dates for filing various papers associated therewith. The Secretary of State will then forward its preparations to each county election department within the State of California. At that point, we, the proponets of this inititive will have approximately four months or so to gather the required number of signitures to qualify the proposed act for the ballot.

Keep in mind that all other trades and occupations are already regulated in some manner by the state. However, the profession of public law enforcement is not. With little education, and no license requirement, a deputy sheriff or city police officer is allowed to carry weapons, including a firearm, and use deadly force in making an arrest. The time is ripe for the people of this state to demand accountability from these officers and we hope that you will agree.