Arrest Attempt On Deputy District Attorney

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On April 1, 1985, the arrest attempt on the deputy district attorney was no April Fool's joke!

During the court proceeding, on April 1, 1985, the deputy district attorney was told, in open court, that he was under arrest.   The judge immediately shouted, "Not in my courtroom, you don't.   Your not going to make a shambles of this case!".   The judge was promply disqualified.

The manner in which the judge proceeded was an act, criminal in nature, while subject to the provisions of California Penal Code Section 136.1, which makes it a crime for anyone to disuade a victim or witness from exercising their lawful power to make an arrest.

Yet  further, we were not allowed to view the transcript of the hearing for more than two years.   And when viewed, the transcript gave a totally different account of what had actually happened.   The court proceeding had been viewed by a local news reporter from the Argus-Courier Newspaper in Petaluma, California and published an article on April 2, 1985, entitled, "Judge rejects arrest attempt on deputy district attorney".   In comparison with the transcripts, there are completely different versions of what took place.   The  fabricated version presented by the court reporter was  not made by mistake, but was wilfully done and done deliberate.